Saaro Kalay

Primary School blown up by Taliban

  • Location: Saaro Kalay
  • Disaster: School Blown Up by Taliban

This Saaro Kalay is about 50kms from Main Upper Dir and specifically this school is right on the Afghan border. Afghanistan is 2-3km from this spot. The school has 180 boys studying and 56 girls students.

The school has only 2 classrooms and their roofs were destroyed in the militants attacks. The students have to attend their classes in the open air. The bathrooms doesn’t exist. Attached is also a picture of one the temporary bathroom. Their is no drinking water in the school for the students.

The village has a population of more than 2000 and the students want to continue their education. Being near to the Afghan border, the Saaro Kaly village is a very sensitive area so that’s why there are more than 20 Army check posts on the way. There are is no proper road because of which it takes more than 3 hrs to reach Saaro Kalay from Upper Dir.

Saaro Kalay