Hassan Foundation USA, after careful consideration, has decided to respond to the call and support the current movement to improve Pakistan’s capacity to store fresh water through new dams. We have worked diligently in Tharparker Sind for the last few years to install over 2000 handpumps, providing fresh water to over 500,000 deserving people. But this work ALONE cannot prevent the water catastrophe that looms in the future. We feel obligated to help find a long term solution to the region’s water crisis. Hassan Foundation USA will actively seek funds from the well-wishers of the Pakistani people in support of the new dams. This step is very much in line with our charter and the critical need of the hour.  Please donate hereWhen Donating Please Mention Dam Project under Tribute Section.

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Creating a healthy prosperous society through provision of clean, safe water, and support for education.


Provide clean drinking water close to home, support education, orphans, and disaster relief.


Create awareness & find locally effective solutions to the water crisis in Pakistan. Promote, enhance education in general, and vocational training in particular.