Hassan Foundation operates as a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt charitable organization with a distinct operational approach. It is distinguished by its exclusive reliance on volunteers, thereby eliminating any administrative costs. All donated funds are meticulously allocated solely to support our charitable initiatives.

At the core of Hassan Foundation’s mission is the provision of clean potable water to underserved communities. The rural regions of Pakistan, in particular, grapple with a scarcity of clean drinking water, culminating in waterborne diseases accounting for a staggering 60% of hospital admissions. Tragically, an annual toll of 25,000 children under the age of five succumbs to the perils of exposure to contaminated water sources. Often, women and children traverse great distances to retrieve water, unwittingly subjecting themselves to illness, and in the most tragic instances, death—primarily among children.

The prevalence of surface water as a shared source for both human and animal consumption compounds the issue. Rain runoff and irrigation canal water collectively constitute this resource. Regrettably, upstream communities along the canals introduce raw sewage into the water, which is subsequently gathered downstream for human use. The consequences are dire.

In this scenario, individuals fortunate enough to afford it allocate a substantial portion of their income toward purchasing clean drinking water. Our organization seeks to change this narrative.

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