• 600 Water projects completed in Tharparkar, Pakistan.
  • One power pump and a hand pump installed in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK) in 2016.
  • Two schools in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK), that were declared dangerous, have been reconstructed and are having regular classes.
  • A new fully functioning Primary School constructed in Tharparkar, Pakistan.
  • Water and Sanitation projects completed in 16 Schools in Peshawar District. These Schools had no water or functional toilet facilities. Attendance is 250-1200 students per school.
  • Orphan support for about 200 children living with their. This support is conditional upon the children staying in school. This is an ongoing project.
  • A very successful food distribution program during Ramadan in Kachra Kundi, Nagin Chaurangi, Karachi and in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK).
  • Distribution of Qurbani meet distributed among deserving people in Karachi and in KPK.
  • Flint Water Project: Water bottles were handed to the people of Flint, Michigan.
  • Jackets for Homeless: New winter jackets were given to the homeless in Detroit and Syrian refugees.


  • Total water projects completed 503.
  • 450 in Tharparkar and 53 in Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK).
  • Each water pump in Tharparkar benefitted 250-450 people.
  • 11,480 people receiving water in KPK.
  • Reconstruction of a Girls High School for 750 students in Lower Dir. This School had been destroyed by terrorists in 2009 and the students were attending classes in ruins of rooms without any roofs. The School was closed during rain and snow.
  • Orphan Support for about 200 children living at home.
  • Qurbani meat distributed among deserving people in KPK.


  • 411 water projects completed in Sindh and Khyber Pukhtoonkhwa (KPK).
  • Internally displaced families from North Waziristan received assistance, orphan support program, assistance for the poor as well as Qurbani meat distribution continued in 2014.
  • Two schools in Lower Dir, destroyed by terrorists in 2009 were reconstructed.

Total water projects completed since inception in 2007 through end of January 2017 = 2060

Hassan Foundation reconstructed a high school attended by 350 students including 50 girls in Dapoor Lower Dir, and a primary school in Maidan, Lower Dir. These schools were destroyed by terrorists in 2009.

Hassan Foundation provided a months supply of food to over thirty-five hundred people displaced from North Waziristan during the army operations. Hassan Foundation’s volunteers were the first to arrive on the scene to help these IDPs. Utensils, water and personal hygiene supplies were also provided to these families.

Support continues for widows and orphans as well as scholarships for deserving students.

A vocation center for women ( sewing center) started in Village Chaan Meeran near Lahore. This is the second center for women. The first one is in Sindh. A third center will start in Mansehra soon.


Plans are underway for reconstruction of another high school in Lower Dir.

750 girls come from the surrounding areas to attend this secondary high school . Some of them walk 2-3 KM in the mountains. Last year school was closed for forty eight days due to inclement weather. Four hundred of the students are in classrooms without a roof.
The reconstruction will include installation of new roofs, construction of extra classrooms to create enough covered area for all the students and building restrooms for students and teachers. A rain water harvesting system from the roof tops will be created to supply water to the restrooms.

A computer lab will be created to enhance the curriculum.

Close the gender gap.
Hassan Foundation will facilitate higher education for the young ladies with aspirations to become educators, doctors, nurses, engineers in all fields and most importantly to become educated mothers of the future and become the pillars of strength for a society free of discrimination, terror and poverty. This can be accomplished by procuring scholarships and sponsorship for deserving students by philanthropists.

Approximately $50/month will enable a student to go for a college education.

Hassan Foundation is exploring the possibility of starting a pilot project for Water in Thar.